About Astral Tech

Astral Tech is a niche software and consultancy company specializing in the utilities sector. Our secure, cloud based portal provides a single data repository, digital experience, and customer management system for use by both internal users and customers alike. From contracts, accounts and invoices, meter readings and expenditure, to forecasting, reporting and query management – our software suite and collaborative consultancy services, deliver the tools you need to reduce your cost to serve, improve customer satisfaction and raise your performance in an increasingly competitive market.

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Astral Tech Ltd.
7 Dukes Court, Chichester PO19 8FX
P: +44 (0)1243 539193
Email: info@astraltech.co.uk
Call Us: +44 (0)1243 539193 - Mail: info@astraltech.co.uk

About Us

Astral Tech is a quintessential UK based virtual tech company. We are low carbon, highly efficient, and specialise in the utilites sector.

Our cloud based SaaS customer portal for utility companies addresses some of the must win battles key to success in this increasingly competitive marketplace.

We provide a single data repository, digital experience, and customer management system for use by both internal users and customers alike.

Experience - Over 25 man years experience developing software in the utilities sector.

Market Proven - Our core product is already serving 15% of the gas I & C market in the UK.

Consultancy - Driving continuous improvement and delivering ROI.

Development - Bespoke development to help you deliver unique customer propositions.

Meet The Team

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  • Jeremy Thomas

    Managing Director

    An entrepreneur through and through Jeremy has always had an eye on how to maximise business efficiency through technology. This has been the driving force for the architecting of software systems over the years. Dedicated to the utilities sector since 2005.

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  • Susanna Haskins

    Marketing and Business Development

    Susie has a background in marketing and handling large customer accounts. Project management, understanding the customer's needs, clear and focused planning ensure accurate and reliable delivery.

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  • James Guymer

    Front End Developer / Usability Specialist

    James has worked alongside Jeremy for the past 10 years. An inherent perfectionist and an expert in delivering the final 5% that makes a very good product, a market leading one.

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  • Tony Brown

    Business Logic Developer

    Systems architect and Middle Layer business logic developer. Attention to detail, future proofing and mid-development improvements to the spec, means innovation comes right from the core of the development team.

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  • Richard Jonas

    Database Developer / Big Data Specialist

    A database expert with up to the minute information on subjects such as Big Data, Microsoft Data Warehousing, and Hadoop, combined with the ability to implement, means our systems are already in the future.

Brand Values

Delivering in the now, preparing for the future.

Reliable with our service, secure with your data.

Expertise as individuals, excellence as a team.

Digitizing business, supporting the environment.

Products with a difference, people with a smile.