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  • Bad Debt prediction with machine learning – Work in Progress

    Development of machine learning algorithm commenced to correlate customer interactions with forthcoming bad debt. Look out for our bad-debt likelihood indicator.

  • SME and Domestic User Interfaces – Work in progress

    Leveraging our market proven data layer, we are now able to offer a simpler, user friendly UI aimed at end users with less than five meter points.

  • Position Reports – October 2018

    Extension of Trading Dashboard to include current position and historic trades.

  • New User Guides – July 2018

    Brand new user guides produced offering comprehensive “how to” on all features.

  • Trading dashboard enhancements – June 2018

    Extension of existing Trading Dashboard to show open and closed, high and low for forward prices for gas and power.

  • New Customer Success Manager hired – May 2018

    To support the on-going engagement with our clients, we welcome on-board James Kleiner-Mann. James offers a wealth of industry knowledge and will offer invaluable insights to our clients.

  • Debt Monitoring Reports – May 2018

    Enhancement extending the capability of the platform for managing bad debt.

  • DCC Integration – April 2018

    Integration with Utilisoft USmart service, to consume consumption, reads, and alerts from the DCC.

  • External authentication service – March 2018

    A new option to authenticate users using AWS Cognito as the password store.

  • OFGEM complaint reporting – February 2018

    A new process for raising and reporting on complaints, giving one-click reporting compliant with OFGEM’s latest requirement.

  • Data Push Service – January 2018

    A new service aimed at TPIs and multisite customers enabling new consumption data, meter reads, and invoices to be proactively pushed by email or FTP.

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